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Message from  The Founder & President

Dear Prospective Parents,

Namashkar !!! Namaskara !!! Greetings!!!

We firmly believe that an open, caring and structured supportive approach is essential 

to nurture & nourish students to become good learners, gain physical strength, mental

ability and emotional balance.

We continuously strive to provide an environment where all individuals see themselves

reflected and feel a sense of belonging. We make inclusion a thread which runs through

all our activities.

Teachers , parents & guardians are the foundation of all great schools. Teachers are one

of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. Cross functional opportunities, 

honing up skills of teachers to stay in tune with modern teaching requirements, etc are

integral part of our practices. No words can truly express the dedication & commitment

of our competent teachers.

We aim to work in partnersh ip with parents & guardians, valuing their involvement with

the school, recognizing their part in their children’s achievement and in promoting positive

ethos throughout the school. We are committed to keep parents well-informed about our

school and child by maintaining very transparent & effective communication.

“ If we always do what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always got “ The only  thing

consistent is change & we realize that we need to manage it consistently. Blending technology

driven modern systems & conventional teaching methods has helped students to excel. 

Students. have consistently performed significantly above the general average.

We strive to preserve the values of our rich and vibrant Indian culture through various co-curricular

programs. In every possible way, we work towards instilling them in our children, to make them

good citizens of this great nation.

At Maruthi Vidyalaya we will continue to do our best to make it a simple & lovable place for

children to learn & grow.

Yours Truly


Shri Bhattu Ganesh