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Maruthi Vidyalaya’s  philosophy promotes both independence and a strong commitment to collective responsibility. These principles lay sound foundations for each individual’s growth and an awareness of the part they play in the school and nationWe aim to work in partnership with parents, valuing their involvement within the school, recognizing their part in their children’s achievement and in promoting positive ethos throughout the school.

We expect a high standard of behavior from the whole school community, which reflects respect for all its members and promotes a sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

Every Child Matters

MV provides a learning environment where all individuals see themselves reflected and feel a sense of belonging. We make inclusion a thread which runs through all our activities. To achieve these aims we involve stakeholders in the development, review, evaluation, and impact assessment of all relevant improvement plans, policies and procedures.

NCND Admission System

NCND — No Capitation No Donations forms the strong foundation of MV’s admission system. The admission process at MV is simple & transparent. We attach importance to having interaction with prospective student and their parents. This is one of the best and most effective methods for prospective parents to get relevant first hand information about the school. The interaction also gives an opportunity to parents to provide important information  about the student thereby enabling the school to do a proper fitment and take necessary steps. Local community factors are given its due importance in admissions.